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In this part of the c sharp tutorial we will learn about abstract classes

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  1. I learn from the first video to part32 this one rn now, they are good and ez to understand, but I have no idea what can I do ……

  2. You said a class cannot be sealed and abstract at the same time. But static class in c# is internally sealed and abstarct. It creates confusion . Kindly clearify.

  3. i have a list of cards(abstract class) and i want to get the value of a property thats only in a subclass called fighter card how can i do that?

  4. If an abstract class can only be used as base class then why the derived class marked as abstract if class does not wish to provide implementation.

  5. Your explanations are extremely easy to understand. I am doing a Pluralsight course on C# and whenever I don't understand any concept there, I listen to your video(on that particular topic) and it CLICKS!! Thanks a bunch for these videos and for being an tremendous tutor

  6. sir, how to achieve abstraction and encapsulation in c#.i know show only necessary details to user is called abstraction and hide unnecessary details is called encapsulation. but how to achieve by programming..

  7. using System;

    namespace AbstractExample

    //Using abstract keyword to declare abstract class.
    //Abstract class cannot be Sealed but can be used as public,protected etc.
    //Abstract class need to base class.
    //Abstract class is incomplete class that mean you cannot instantiate class and its member.
    public abstract class Customer
    //Method declare inside abstract class can be defined as abstract or without
    //If it is abstract then its body should not be defined inside abstract class if do we will get error.
    //Abstract Method- cannot declare body of this method

    public abstract void Print();

    //Non Abstract method- Body need to be declared

    public void Paste()
    Console.WriteLine("Paste method is called");



    //Program class is Non-abstract
    //If the program class is inheriting from abstract class then it have two options
    //a) We can declare the class abstract i.e Program class to be declared as abstract
    //b) Implementation of the abstract method in our case print()
    public class Program : Customer
    // Use override keyword for implementing print method
    // We must have to use Print method since it is in abstract.
    public override void Print()

    Console.WriteLine("Print method is called");


    public static void Main(string[] args)

    Customer C = new Program();
    //Program P = new Program();

  8. I am completely blown away by the quality of information found in all your videos. I have watched many of your videos and I always learn so much. You are a blessed educator. Please do not stop you have found your calling in life!!!

  9. You said an ab class can only be used as a base class… But earlier in the same video you said If u don't want 2 provide implementation 4 all ab members of an ab class then the class inheriting the ab class can be marked as 'abstract'. So this 2nd abstract class becomes a child class and contradicts with your statement right? Please reply.

  10. sir is it possible inherit sealed class?
    I heard that we can inherit sealed class by using extension method. i researched in web i didnt got proper answer pl can u help me with an example…!

  11. This video was great!! 😀 I just read about abstract classes in a C# book that I have and i kind of understood it but after watching your video I now get it 😀

  12. This abstract classes will supports the concepts of multiple inheritance(i.e) child class :base1 class,base2 class .like interface

  13. excellent and expertly covered. but at the slide u said that in next u will discuss where to use abstract class but i cant find that topic because next topic is about difference between abstract class and interface and also i cant find the intro of interface. plz guide.

  14. On my visual studio when I have my program like you do at 8:37 , it tells me my print method must be marked as abstract or it gives an error on the program class print method can you tell me why its VS 2015

  15. You are such a good teacher like the best i know thank you so much for your support i have been watching your videos from the start and i know everything up to now thank you 😀 😀 😛

  16. Thank you sir – you said that abstract classes are classes that use the "abstract" keyword. All well and good, but what is an abstract class?


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