New York health-care workers rally for protective gear


Doctors and nurses demanded more protective equipment for their fight against coronavirus at a protest in Brooklyn on April 15. ‘It has reached the point now where we are losing our co-workers,’ said registered nurse Judy Johnson. ‘We want to go home to our families.’ SPECIAL OFFER: To thank you for your support, here’s a deal on a Washington Post digital subscription: $29 for one year

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  1. Idea:

    Let's protest in a large gathering, for gear to protect our selves from a virus that spreads very easily in large gatherings!

  2. The most powerful country in da world 😲 U would think it was a third World country no protection for ppl on the front line Brave ppl everyone take care 🙏

  3. This is sooooo sad! TRUMP just gave our PPE to RUSSIA I am literally sitting here crying 😢! I can barley type! God bless us all! OMG!

  4. I truly feel for these people and the staff trying to help. But This looks like idiots ranting rather than helping. No social distancing, Bare hands all over everything, Wasting supplies on the streets rather than inside where they are needed, and WHY are you in mask but not gloves? Its not air born you noobs… With ignorance like this our nation is doomed…

  5. The US governors must do something with their health care system. You need to know there's something wrong with your system when tons of your people are dying. There's no one who deserves death. Everyone deserves proper treatment and nurses and doctors have to be able to do their jobs to save lives. But if healthcare workers don't feel they're safe, who can save the patients?

  6. Nah y’all should be asking Bill Gates, he is the reason y’all are in this! Go home to your families and let Bill Gates handle the patients. This is his disease and his PLANDEMIC, don’t blame Trump!

    Peace and Love Nurse and Doctors!

  7. It's so sad.  The masks worn by protesters now are not medical masks.
    It's a regular mask. Regular masks don't stop the virus.
    In Korea, the general public also wears medical masks.   I want to send my mask.
    Due to the mass purchase of Chinese merchants, the Korean government has now banned mask exports.
    Korea is an ally of the United States.
    Trump should ask the South Korean government to provide medical mask support.

  8. If you think the system is broken, the democrats screwed it up when they passed Obama care. I had better healthcare and paid a ton less before government got involved and screwed it up. Thanks democrats ! Get government out of my healthcare, My Body, My Choice ! Right !

  9. Ask your mayor and governor they say they have the supplies, ask them why they aren't handing the supplies out. Democrat run states failing citizens once again.

  10. Fake news, hospitals are empty. Nurses are being laid off. The media and government really spread the fear effectively. Congrats, now you have a wrecked economy.

  11. We have to look out for one another!! How? Social distancing, washing hands and keeping in mind that we need to act like if we have the virus and practice these steps to make sure we are not spreading this virus. Pretty soon there wont be anymore beds to take care of everyone. Sad to see us humans act like this…it really is angels vs demons if you think about it. You know what side you on if this post made you feel some type of way…


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