Mega Man X4 PC FULL INSTALL (Audio + Video; works on WIN 10 x64)


Today, I will show you how to install Mega Man X4 on to your PC. Should work on a x64 bit system.

You will need to download Winrar to extract the file!

Mega Man X4 Install files:

All I did was convert the original songs from Mega Man X4’s OST so that they could play in the game.

How to:

1) Run “Mega Man X4 Installer.exe”, install it wherever you’d like.

2) Once installed, copy the contents of “Replacements” into the root of where you installed Mega Man X4.

3) After the files have been copied, run the MMX4.exe

4) If videos do not play, visit and install the appropriate codec.

5) After codec installation, run MMX4.exe again. The videos should now play.

6) Enjoy!


For the Mega Man X4 AVI replacement files. You da best. Check out his youtube channel!

For the remastered OST patch and explaining in a read-me how to make custom tracks for Mega Man X4. You da best.


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  1. This video is a hidden gem. Started watching Mega Man X videos out of the blue just because I felt nostalgic about it, then I came across this video.

    I was expecting it not to work at all, as do most videos on YouTube like this one, but I still tried for old time's sake, because why not. Much to my surprise and delight, even in 2020, it still works.

    Thanks for helping this 24 year old med student feel like a 10 year old kid without a care in the world again. Getting to play this nostalgic game again is such a stress reliever.

  2. Does anyone have the link to the AVI replacement and remastered OST mod? Both sources have their links taken down or died.

  3. well if it didn't have video then there would be no point in making a video about downloading a useless game…

  4. the game is working but it is slightly slow for some reason. i know that its not my pc (obviously) but if you can help me out with this slowdown problem that would be greatly appreciated bro thanks

  5. al fin este si me sirvió los otros que bajaba no se veían los vídeos …. tome su like buen hombre y subscrito

  6. I encountered low fps problem that causes my game to run at 12 fps. do you there is a way to fix it. i know this game is not that heavy and i got a decent pc to play too. I just want to enjoy this game like back in the old days. Many thanks

  7. You are definitely the best, it works perfectly (and believe me, I've spent time trying to play this game), thank you

  8. Please tell us where you got the "replacement" files. Chrome and all other browsers are totally blocking your upload link.


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