Easy ESL Games with Flashcards for Kids


Easy ESL Games with Flashcards for Kids

It can be hard to find easy ESL flashcard games for kids, but in this video, I give you three easy ESL games with flashcards. If you’re looking for easy ESL games for young learners, then Mooncake English is the place to be. Mooncake English offers weekly videos with easy ESL games using flashcards and teaching tips.

If you’re a new teacher and looking for easy ESL games or most especially easy ESL games for kindergarten using flashcards, then don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell for the latest easy ESL games with flashcards for kids. Easy ESL games for kids using flashcards don’t need to be hard to find, get new tips each week with Mooncake English. I find all the easy ESL games using cards you need so you don’t have to spend hours looking online for Easy ESL games for kids using flashcards.


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  1. Let me know where in the world you are and what age group you’re teaching so I can make more videos to help you with your English teaching!

  2. Hi there! This is the first time I see your videos and let me tell you that it looked very gorgeous! Congrats! By the way, I would like to know how you did the animation of the pictures you showed moving the images and the dice?
    I loved it!

  3. Hello ; I am Mfundo. I am teaching in China. Thursday I am having my first lesson. Please share ideas for first teaching class. I'll be teaching about "Wolf"

  4. Hello Jemma,
    Thank you so much for your tips. I love your creativity for flashcard games. They come in very handy.
    I am in Angola teaching English to preschoolers. What do you think is the easiest way to help them speak English?
    I would also like to know your ideas on how you think we can teach ESL online during this outbreak.
    I'm still teaching my class online and sometimes without the one on one contact I run out of ideas on what I can do to keep their attention and help them learn.
    I'd love to hear from you.
    Many thanks

  5. I love these!!! So helpful, thank you. I'm heading to Thailand to teach TESOL for the first time in my life. I'm scared yet super excited. These have been so wonderful thank you!!!

  6. Hello. Almost 1 month I'm working in Zaozhuang city, Shandong province. Sometimes I play with them another game than used to be played in the school. They like and it's interesting. I make a circle with them and give everyone the flashcards. One go inside and cover the eyes and turn. When I say stop the student opens the eyes and say whatever is in front of him. Then whoever took that flashcard comes inside the circle and should fo the same. One by one should play. It is fun for them.
    I'd like to have your wechat or something. Thanks in advance 🤗🤗

  7. Hey Mooncake English. I am new to China where I am teaching kids betweent the ages of 3 – 6 years. I am having trouble with the flashcard games especially trying to get them to elicit a sentence as they are so young and it is basically their first time being exposed to the language. Also at times finding it hard getting them to understand the game I want them to play, and yes I do show them what I want from them, but then they just sit there looking at me with a blank stare 🙂

  8. Please consider those who have to use headphones and don't go from quiet speaking to a huge burst of loud music. Music playing over the speaking is also a little distracting through headphones; however, the content is very helpful. That said, I teach in a private school in Japan, all ages.

  9. Hi, thanks once again for your very useful video: I've been watching so many today, since I've found your channel!😁
    I'm currently working as English teacher in Vietnam, but I'm thinking about trying a new experience in China maybe next year. So here I am asking you more info about it: #jobs 😙

  10. hey… I'm teaching in Chinese kindergarten and they are very small age of kids ,can you suggest me some methods to teach them well…


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